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Wednesday, March 31, 2010

The Best Investment You Can Make Is In Yourself

"To stay young, the Doctor said to exercise and eat the right foods."  What???

I thought she said ACCESSORIZE and BUY NICE SHOES."

Nothing ages you like orthopedic shoes, wearing gym shoes outside the gym, shoes you can not walk in, shoes that are out of style or sensible shoes. Thankfully, you no longer have to sacrifice fit for fashion.

Men: women notice shoes so buy expensive shoes that look great. Wear executive length socks with your dress shoes and if you really want the WOW factor, wear great ties!

Nothing ages you like dark lipstick, lipstick bleeding in to fine lines, cracked lips, thin lips, obvious lip liner, overly matte lipstick or obviously fake plumped lips.

Nothing ages you like excessive bling, exposing too much skin, showing too much cleavage, glittery makeup or fragrance overload.

Nothing ages you like obviously colored hair, too dark, a solid hair color, dull hair, gray hair or gray roots.

Nothing ages you like yellow teeth, discolored teeth, stained teeth or a mouthful of silver fillings.

The best investment you can make is in yourself.

Article Source: Gloria Starr - www.gloriastarr.com

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